Sunday, July 21, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day I helped the kids put their handprints on this card for Daddy. I thought it turned out pretty cute.  In the morning Daddy got to sleep in while we made breakfast and got his presents out.

Earlier in the week, the kiddos painted this crown for daddy, so he could be king for a day.
Daddy read the book the kids gave him. (Mercer Myer Just Like Dad)

And the picture he received for his office. 
The day went on with overnight upside down pineapple french toast, and later a party where celebrated the best Daddy ever!

Castle Park

Castle Park is a family favorite. It's beautiful and the kids love the wooden structure that resembles a castle to them. (real name is Bear Creek) Its hard to catch good photos with kids on the run but I caught just a few out of 40+

I think this photo shows a lot of Ethan's Character. He likes to laugh a lot and make others laugh
Sticks! A boy's childhood staple. In this case they get put in the creek and we watch them float along.
Just love the scenery here. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunset Bay

Aunt Becca's request when she came to visit was that she wanted to go to the beach. So we packed up and decided to camp at Sunset Bay. This was a beautiful campground and the bay was calm. When the tides were low there were many tide pools to discover. We saw many sea creatures. The cutes thing was to hear Liam try to say the word "sea anemone." Pretty cute and of course sounds like sea enemy with lots of repetitive "m" sounds in it. On the second day we ventured to find a spot to view the lighthouse, which we found but didn't get a picture cause it was so far out. Tourists are not allowed near this one since its on a rock separate from the mainland and the bridge was taken down. We also went to Simpson gardens, and they were absolutely beautiful. We decided to picnic there, and that is also were Liam learned, the hard way, that it is not good to try and catch a bumble bee. He got stung, of course, and so we left promptly to find some Benedryl. I think the kids favorite memory of the park was the crow who wasn't shy of humans and wanted our picnic. While we were standing just a few feet from our table the outing crow helped himself to one of our hot dogs! Ethan took it upon himself to protect our food, and found ways to chase him off. But once Ethan would turn his back the crow would fly right back. Overall this was one of my most favorite places to camp and enjoy the beach!
Favorite photo of the weekend. Becca took this as we drove in Friday night. 

Beautiful picture of the rocks at the opening of the bay.
My boys on the beach 
Me resting my knee.

Very very very large rhubarb, pie anyone?

Anything that involves my kids holding hands is too precious.

With Aunt Becca

The Beach

Ethan loves rock climbing. 

Cute boy!

This picture of John and the boys I edited a little in photoshop and printed it for him as part of father's day. This picture just warms my heart.

Love this dude, and he loved the adventure.

Sunset Bay.

Mill Creek Falls

This is old, but wanted to document. We recently hiked to Mill Creek Falls with some friends. It was an easy hike, thank goodness since my knee is still in major recovery at this point from the bike accident. When we got to the rocks I had to just hang out since my knee was not loving me trying to climb on the rocks, but other than that it was pretty much painless. Ethan and Liam just love getting outside and being in the outdoors. Days like this, they come home and are happy.
Green drinks in the morning is how we start. :) 

This is the main waterfall. So pretty!

Dad and Ethan hiked around the back of some rocks and came up over top a small cliff.

Liam loved the sand.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Where did February go? Oh yeah we were sick

Nothing like throwing off the beginning of the year with the entire family getting sick. And lets not forget to mention the kids had fevers for 5 days consecutively. Yup that would be a total of like 110 hours for Ethan and close to that for Liam. Not to mention that wasn't the only illness they had. Between two illnesses Ethan missed two weeks of school! And mom and dad got it too. So yeah, that is what happened to us for an entire month....

This has nothing to do with the post, but I love this photo... Liam's true character!

And a few days later he is sick

And sick again!

Poor guy in the middle of the 5 day fever :(

And for 1 day they overlapped being sick. I cleaned out the attic....

Sick at the doctor, didn't feel like sitting...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ethan turns 6!

Ethan's 6th Birthday
All he wanted was a volcano cake. It was nearly a total flop until I had the bright idea to put cookie crumbs on the side saving the cake. It's very imperfect but but kind of fits all the same.

I love Liam in this picture. He is loving the vlocano "smoke"

Opening presents. He had a great day!

I'm proud of this banner I made for the birthday party, and every boy birthday party from here out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Airplane Tour

 Clearly a no brainer here. We live only 1/4 a mile from here. The kids still love airplanes, especially Liam. This was heaven for him. He was in complete pretend flying mode here. This obsession has gone on long enough now that I'm realizing this may be his profession when he gets older.

I do so desperately wish this picture wasn't blurry. I even love his messy wavy hair here.