Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wacky hair baby

Ethan's hair is getting really long and we are thinking of cutting it shortly after his first birthday. Until then it is long curls. I feel sorry for him when he is older since they are hard to manage, but for now they are cute. And still no teeth, ugh.

My dear sweet Husband

If John knew that I was posting pictures of his hairy face on my blog he would probably oppose it. But since he is well occupied right now, I can do what I want. First I hope to never see this much facial hair on him again. I don't like coming in contact with him. Ethan however, enjoyed its ticklish effects on him. So this is my hairy husband that I have had to live with over the past few weeks and I am proud to say that it is GONE! I'm hoping it never really returns again, but you never know....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rainbow Rob

For Christmas John received this book full of color and a cute design. Ethan has shown consistent interest in this book. Even one time playing with it for about 20 min. straight. I think its cute that our little bucko loves the book. I hope this means he will ike to read!