Monday, June 27, 2011

Nature Park

Saturday morning we all woke up early and headed to the nature park on cooper mountain for a morning walk. (Ethan calls it snakes park.) On our walk was saw 1 worm, 2 lady bugs, 2 birds (heard lots), 1 mouse, dozens of very large bumble bees, spider webs, coyote poop, 10 slugs, and a mother humming bird feeding her babies in the nest. We actually tried to get a picture on the humming bird nest, but we could get close enough with our phones, since it was all we had. So cute!. John also made bird calls with the boys, and you'll see the video of that below.

Liam walked most of the way! at least 1/4 of a mile. As soon as we started going uphill he was happy to climb in the stroller.

Behind us here is the prairie where was saw the large bumble bees.

Beautiful forest.

Also this weekend I had my final concert of the season (PMCO Orchestra, now called The Portland Ensign.) Over the past few months I have been the concert-mistress for this group, even soloing with Dallin Bales (Vocalist, you can check out his albums on I-tunes, I played How can I keep from singing, and Savior Redeemer of my soul.)  It has been really difficult and extremely rewarding for me at the same time.  Below is a picture with one of my biggest fans Ethan. He loves coming to the concerts and since Saturday he has been pulling out his violin and singing and dancing and then bowing when he is done, and then he says "MOMMY CLAP!" Its cute. And one more thing my last concert is going to air on local TV.... so for all of you local, stay tuned I'll post when and where it airs!
And here he is, my big fan! I love this guy.

This Post wouldn't be complete without finishing the weekend, (even if I don't have any more pictures). Sunday we celebrated Father's day and my birthday which was on Father's day. (I was actually born on Father's day). Anyways it was a fun party and I am truly grateful for My father and the sacrifices he made for me and for John, and his  persistent hard work for our family. Family is forever!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The color of breakfast is green

The kids are thinking "What a yummy treeat!" I'm thinking, "Oh yeah, just keep drinking it, lacinato tuscan kale, spinach, tangelos and lemon are soo good for you. Drink up!" We drink this with breakfast every morning. No sugar or dairy whatsoever. And they love it and drink it all. Aren't you jealous?