Monday, January 23, 2012

From Ethan's point of view

Today we played with playdough.
My version of our family

Ethan's version. It's a little wormy around here folks. :)

More Hiking

We did another hike a few days after the Table Rock hike. This one called Roxy-Ann Peak. It is a really old volcano that overlooks the valley, and its a city park. It was a total of 3 miles and much more steep. We ended up carrying both boys all the way down. Ethan didn't care a whole lot for the steep part at the end, but the view was worth it and playing on the rocks was fun two. He swears he saw and elk, but I think it was really just a horse. I decided not to break the news to him.
This is the top facing north east and that is Mt Mcloughlin I believe in the background. A hike I may have to do soon. :)

Becca with the boys, they love her.

Coming down the back side, and a great view of Mt Mcloughlin again!

Ethan found "the most perfect stick" as he calls it. All of the sticks he finds are so perfect we have to take them home. The other day, the neighbor asked us why there are so many sticks on our front porch. Well it's Ethan's hobby!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Upper Table Rock

Since Becca came to visit we decided to try out some of the local hiking. One place I have been wanting to try since we moved was Table Rock. There are two of them and we chose the shorter hike at 2.8 miles. I'm super proud of Ethan for making it the whole way! It was cold and got colder throughout the hike, and we weren't able to spend as much time on the top as I would have hoped so we will be back there again soon. It was really pretty and view was gorgeous also. Most of the pictures looks like it was about to snow though. It was cold. Liam stayed curled up in my arms all the way home, and wouldn't even go back in the hiking pack, he didn't like the cold too much.
Luggin the baby up the mountain. Go mama!

View of Table Rock on the top. Very rocky and yet flat. really pretty.

Becca sporting a new look for singles. I call it the borrow a baby and carry it up the mountain for extra exercise look :) 
On the edge of the south side of Table Rock. Ethan was really nervous. It was a big drop.

I realize this is an odd photo, but it was the best view of the valley I had. I'm on the very edge of the top of table rock. It goes straight down from there. 

John and more view of the Valley. 

Squeak! Need I say more :)

Definitely in his element here.

Cute Boy loves being outside despite the chilly temperature.

A view of my sister lugging Liam and also a view of the top of the rock. Almost no trees, which is the opposite of the trail to get to here.

Ethan climbing down a rock on the trail. It was steep and he loves the climbing adventure.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Plane! Plane!

And what do you do with a little boy who loves airplanes? Yes we went to go see real Airplanes. Locally there is a real airplane that you can play in and on. They even rent it out for birthday parties. We went on New Years Eve to play and it was closed. We were talking to the office and they decided to give us a your of a couple of hangers here. Liam was in total heaven. 

This is the Airplane boy he can say( and pronounces pretty well) pontoon and seaplane, biplane, Jet, Airplane and yes propeller plane. How is that for a little boy who can't even say sorry! He knows the differences between each plane. His latest obsession is a fighter jet. He loves jets, and asks for them first thing in the morning when he wakes. 
This was an old plane John is on, was a navy trainer. It's not safe to fly anymore.

Airplane boy in airplane heaven. Behind him is a biplane that gives rides in the summer. hmmmm we'll have to think about that one. :)  He was loving that biplane.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Festivities

We went to Harry & David's Christmas Tree lighting celebration, and there the boys got to sit on Santa's lap and have their picture taken with a real reindeer. Ethan was excited to tell Santa exactly what he wanted. (His wish list was exact and never changed for over a month.)
Then we made Gingerbread houses. Ethan loved creating and Liam loved eating. Liam says andy! andy! (Candy). Its cute.
Ethan was so excited for Christmas, and I wasn't sure if he would fall asleep, but he did, and right away. But then in the morning when we woke him (Liam woke up first and was demanding to go down so we woke up Ethan) He was thrilled and anxious! We watched the new videos about Christ's birth and then went downstairs to enjoy the morning excitement. There was only time to open stockings before we rushed off to Church and then back home again to open presents. He was anxious, but never complained. At 10:30 in the morning as we pulled up after church to go back inside for gifts, we watched one of our neighbors take their tree out to the trash. Remarkable! Gifts open and tree down by 10:30 am!!
John and Ethan at the tree lighting. Very very cold!!

The candy monster, eating candy, that's what he does while we try to make gingerbread houses.

The finished product.

Writing thank-you letters to Santa

Ethan setting the table. Yes folks that would be Ethan's way.

What's not to love about this fish face in woodland creature pjs?

Christmas Eve Jammies.

And Christmas morning. That morning hair is a regular.
This is a picture puzzle I made for my brother's family from photos of their vacation out here. I'm not a very crafty person but I love the way this one turned out.