Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liam walking

Liam just started walking. Super cute boy.

This is what's been happening

Here is a picture update of what has been happening. Still to come are Ethan's song he made up and Ethan's birthday.

Liam at one of our many doctor appointments. He has had many ear infections. Things seem to be getting better for now.  He sure makes the most of it though. :)

We went hiking at Tryon Park in Portland. Its (I think) the largest park within city limits in the US.  Ethan hiked 3.5 miles that day. Liam just loves being outside. 

Ethan spends a lot of time building train tracks and playing with them. It doesn't last long, Godzilla (Liam) arrives and then its time to rebuild. 

Ethan made this at pre-school. I just thought it was cute.

Why do kids climb in the dryer. Poor Liam regretted this!