Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Baby is 1!

I can't believe it. My little guy has turned one, yesterday. It was peaceful and quiet when Liam was born. Only John me, the delivering doctor and one nurse were in the room. He came out with a but of a scowl on his face and he cried like all  babies do. Immediately he wanted to eat, and be held. For nearly 30 min John and I held our little guy before the staff took him to clean him etc... That was the very beginning, and now today one year later, he is still our sweet little guy, detailed observer, and definitely holds his own to Ethan during daily wrestle matches. I love this little guy, Happy Birthday Liam!

All three of these babies were born the same week last year. We had a combined party for the babes last Wednesday. 

 I made a cupcake for Liam yesterday on his birthday. We had a small family celebration for him. And yes he devoured that cupcake in just a couple minutes. I've never seen him eat like that!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Polar Express

Whenever I ask Ethan what he wants for Christmas all he ever says is a big train. We see trains all over the place and he is always disappointed that he never gets to ride in one, so finally today we did. There is a railroad not far from Portland that runs a train called the Polar express. Its just like the movie/book. Ethan was just excited to be on a real big train, and the bonuses came when they served us hot chocolate and cookies. Then when we got to the "North Pole" Santa came on and gave all the kids bells. Too cute!! ON the way home I asked Ethan if he had fun and he relied saying. "Yeah. Someday I'm going to get on the big train all by "meself" and I'm going to work on it too." (He doesn't say myself, its always me-self.)

And of course here are the pictures for show and tell:

Our attempt to get a family photo. Ethan has unfortunately hit that stage where he longer cooperates during picture taking. Any suggestions?
 Liam is an observer, he pays attention to everything.
 I think Liam is the first kid to love Santa so young. It seems like in every kids first photo with Santa the kids is crying to get away. Not Liam. He smiled in his arms, loved the bell he got and then fussed a little when Santa gave him back to us.
 Ethan was more happy to see Santa than he showed here, we just didn't get a good shot.


Thanksgiving is a feast at our house. It was great to expend the table for some dear friends this year as well. I must say though, that after spending two days cooking we were too tired for dishes. Maybe next year we can go out. :)

Grandpa had the fun job of entertaining the kiddos while we cooked. Ethan is showing off the temple he and Grandpa built. I believe its the new Tigard temple and Bob is the Angle Moroni.

This was the dinner gang, although Liam spent most the time on the floor eating scraps. (That's just what he does, no matter how full he is.) We had more friends over for pie, but I forgot to get pictures of them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to get caught up

I have so many pictures and so little time to post anymore. Here are a few pictures about what we have been doing.

In September, Ethan started preschool.  He loves learning and playing, that is for sure. This picture was taken on his first day.
 Playing at the park is where you will find us when we are not at home. Ethan is also learning to dress himself, picking out his own clothes. Its hard to let go and let him when he chooses things like this.

 Fall Beach trip in the beginning of October. This included a 7 mile run on the beach (exhilarating!), playing in the sand, getting cozy in the house, and going to Newport where we walked on the docks, and went to the aquarium and saw Sharks.
 Liam and Ethan watching the fish and sharks below at the aquarium.

 Newport docks, always fun to walk around and see the otters, and boats.

 Liam being silly in the tub. He is always doing things like this.
 The boys playing tackle is like bread and butter. It is a daily occurrence in our home. Liam puts up a pretty good fight.
 Another of Liam's adventures. He got stuck here,and screamed till I got him out. Of course I had to take a picture first.
 We went to this pumpkin patch with Ethan's preschool. Shortly after we arrived I looked around to find Ethan, who had wondered about 50 feet from me, pushing a large pumpkin down the hill. As soon as it started rolling I started running after it. It was headed straight for the cars parked at the bottom of the hill. I kept thinking about all the money I would shell out if it nailed one of those cars. Curiosity surely got the best of him that day. I will never forget that moment, and never forget what it was like to push/roll that pumpkin back up the hill. Below is the picture of Ethan and that pumpkin when we had rolled it back halfway to where it started.
 These two are great friends, and love going to school together.
 Yet another pose of Liam getting stuck again in the same place, and yes I took a picture before I helped him out again.
 Liam's love for the vacuum. There are no words for it. He chases it and once he has caught up to it, he puts his mouth all over it like he is trying to make out with it. He loves that thing.
 I just love Liam's smile, so cute! We are just trying to get more chubs on him. He only weighs what Ethan weighed at 6 months.
 We went cheap this year. Liam wore Ethan's first Halloween costume, the monkey. He hated it as much as Ethan did too.
Ethan busy "working." His play is truly his work. Its important and always takes presidence over everything else. Liam just can't let him do it all alone, he is a little bit of a trouble maker.
 Daddy has started telling bedtime stories. The stories are all about a guy named Codyack Jack and his mule, Bucket. Ethan loves them, and asks for them nearly every night. Ethan has since started his own series about a spider who turns into superman and eats dirt and then turns back into a spider and gets caught in his own web.
 Halloween pumpkins: Ethan requested the cat and "helped" daddy drill all the holes for the nose, mouth and whiskers. And of course the classic Jack-o-lantern.
 Ethan and his good friend Clair at their school parties. Ethan a firefighter, definitely no shock there. He sleeps with that jacket on.
 Last but not least, Liam. I love this little guy. He loves the swings at the park. I just thought this picture was cute.