Saturday, May 7, 2011



My parents came to visit, a month ago for my concerts and solos (that post is coming soon :)) I took them to Astoria. I can't believe I have lived here this long and never been, It is so pretty! Ethan loved crossing the bridge, watching the Coast guard helicopter practice, and watching the big ships that come in.  This first photo is of the Astoria bridge crossing the Columbia River at the mouth where it runs into the ocean. This was taken from the Astoria Column, a look out where you can see for miles and miles in all directions. In the near distance you see Cape Disappointment where the lighthouses are.

 This photo is at Cape Disappointment at one of the lighthouses. This was just a really nice photo of the ocean.
 This is the North head Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment. It is still in use and we couldn't go int. But it is extremely beautiful.
And of course my folks and the kiddos.