Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan's birthday was last month, but it can't go unnoticed just because I don't have a lot of time! So here is a little catch up on it.   He had a great day overall and his most favorite present was his bike! You should have heard him when he opened the big bag that held the bike. I have never heard him so high pitched and excited before. And of course we couldn't peel him away from it!
Opening his presents. His crown came from pre-school. They get to make one on their birthday and wear it all day. It is one month later and he still wears his nearly everyday!

You should have hear him when he opened the bike.I had it wrapped in a very large plastic bag. I haven't heard him that excited in a long while. We still laugh about it. He loves his bike! Just yesterday he rode 1 mile to and from the local garden store to get seeds with daddy.
One last funny story about Ethan. The next day Ethan (all by himself) got my attention and said, "mom I'm ready and going to go to work." Going to work, is what he says because he is imitating dad who rides his bike to work every morning.  I look over and Ethan is sitting on his new bike, and he had  dressed himself. He wore his green crown, a nice shirt, he was even wearing his school backpack just like daddy does when he leaves for work on his bike. He even remembered his boots. But he forgot one thing. I looked at him and said "Ethan you did a really good job but I think you forgot something." "What?" he asked. I said "Well loook at yourself, what do you think your missing?" He takes a good look at himself and then realizes what he missed. "Oh my pants!" So he got off his bike and got it all straightened out he even added an accessory: a sign that said I am a Child of God from Church.  Too cute, he remeberes all kinds of things, but forgot the basic pants. Someday he'll figure it out :)

This is the before When he was ready to go to work!

Cute boy who ran and put on the missing garment: his pants!