Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Addison Mai

This is Addison Mai Millet, the newest member of the Gray family. She came into the world last week, Sunday September 7th. Congratulations Sarah and Jon!!!! She is adorable.

To anyone who was wondering, she looks just like my sister.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tribute to Pelle

Pelle came into our lives December 26 2005. That fall John started begging for a fish, particularly a beta fish. I have never cared for them. I tried to ignore John's wish, and it didn't work. He started painting pictures of fish. So I decided that year for Christmas I would go ahead and buy him a fish. I got a cool vase from Pier Imports so it wouldn't look so tacky and put rocks in it and a plant. I cut a paper fish and put it inside. Then the day after Christmas John went and picked out the perfect fish.

He was beautiful Dark crimson red. John named him Pelle after a soccer player from Brasil. He lived with us in Rexburg Idaho for the remaing of our time there. When we moved to Portland he traveled by way of a quart jar in our drink holder of our car. When I was pregnant I was home a lone with Pelle most of the time. I would sit at the bar counter at John's parents house and talk to Pelle and try to teach him tricks like how to eat the food particle from my finger by jumping out of the water. He was patient with me when I interrupted a training session to run to the bathroom and puke my guts out from the pregnant nausea.

When Ethan was born Pelle watched Ethan grow from the big glass vase on the counter. I don't think that Ethan paid much attention to him, but we know Pelle watched.

The other day John came home from work and noticed that Pelle wasn't looking so hot. John took him out of the vase and we watched him closely from another jar. He died a few hours later. We laid Pelle to rest under the only flowering bush in our complex. I never would have thought I could develop feelings for a little fish, but over the last 3 years I did. We will miss you pelle! Hopefully fish heaven will treat you well.

Love Always,
Mary, John and Ethan

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ethan's Tricks

Ethan is full of tricks. We have been able to catch a few on video. Check him out!

In this video Ethan shows off his mad throwing or pitching skills.

Etan shows off some hopping skills he is developing. I think he thinks he is really doing it too.

I can't get enough of his awkward dancing. He takes after his daddy thats for sure!