Saturday, November 19, 2011

August LIghthouses

I know that every post I start with either the Title saying I'm catching up or the first line says I'm catching up. Well that hasn't changed. So yes this post goes back to August, a week of day trips to the Beach with my brother's family. This First picture is of the four older boys. I called them the fearless four. Ethan loved paling around with these guys/ They taught him more about being a boy. Ethan has been the only boy his age at church for the longest time, and hasn't had a group of boys to hang out with. He knows a lot about being the king in a castle or playing with Ken dolls, but this week taught him something new and it changed him forever.
We visited the Astoria Column. This stands on the top of a hill in Astoria. It is at the mouth of the Columbia River. You can see for miles and miles in every direction. We climbed those couple hundred steps to the top, and it's even more amazing up there.
Cape Disappointment, and sure was it a bit disappointing. Not only was it a good little hike into there, but as you can tell the State of Washington does not take that great of care of the exterior anymore. When you look online the photos of this lighthouse was amazing. I was dying to see this one, and it was a bit disappointed. There is however a coast guard station here as well. This lighthouse is located on the north side of the River and the day before we stood at the opposite point on the south side of the river at Fort Stevens on a platform right at the Jetty. It was fun to be at the points on either side of the river.

This is my brother's family at the Cape Disappointment North Head lighthouse. It is really pretty, I like architecture of this one with the tile roof.

Cape Meares is another lighthouse located a few miles from Tillamook. It isn't a well known, but very cute and tiny.
Another view of Cape Meares.

And of course we visited the Air museum in Tillamook. They had planes and helicopter cockpits to play in. talk about boy heaven.
Liam, almost big enough to reach the floor. :)

More posts to come soon. I have more from the beaches we played at during the week. Stay tuned....