Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter and John's birthday

In lieu of a lot of really cute easter pictures we are combining posts today.
Easter was fun, kids woke up and found their baskets and new "kicking kick ball" (coined by Liam means soccer ball). They also found their eggs.

Ethan also got a bike bell, one that he has begged for for about two years now. We finally gave in this year mostly because it came with a needed helmet for Liam. But anyways, it has turned out to be a really good thing because he bikes a lot now that there aren't gaining wheels and he goes far, but I can always tell where he his because I can hear him. Yes he rings it that much. On a side note, Ethan and I went for a 4 mile + bike ride Saturday. He wasn't event that tired. I'm excited to make good use of the Bear Creek trail with him this summer. Can't believe how athletic he his.

This was Easter breakfast. Weird I don't have dinner too. Oh well. As you can tell the pictures are pretty horrible. It doesn't help that Ethan insisted on wearing a very non matching tie with his shirt today for church. 

Yes I only added this photo because I wanted you to see his tie shirt combo, but he did wear pants not shorts to church if you were wondering.

John's cake. This was a labor of love. He likes really good cake. This is a recipe from the cook illustrator's  and it has been tested well over 400 times for the perfect recipe. And it sure was complicated but it turned out ok. It didn't look great, but tasted yummy and got better overnight.

This was dinner, a bbq chicken salad on sprouts and lettuce. Yummy!

I don't know why all the photos are about food this time. It is where all my time went.
Happy BIrthday John!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We enrolled Ethan in Soccer with his new buddy Austin. Ethan enjoyed it and Liam loved it as well. Here are a few shots from one of his soccer games. Go Camels!

As you can tell from this picture there is no such thing as out of bounds. We are just happy when the kids make a goal n their own goal :)

Liam getting in on the action. He was known for doing everything possible to get in on the games. He even ran into the court of another game going on in the gym before I could catch him. 

The game! Go Camels!

The line up at the beginning of a game.


What do you do with a 2 year old obsessed with airplanes? You let them get in one and go for a ride. I think it was a bit of a rush for Liam. He was scared at first because it was really loud and then he got used to it when Daddy covered his ears. But then for days and weeks (yes sorry it was a few weeks ago) he talks about this plane ride. 
Liam is giving a thumbs up but uses his index finger.

And off they go!