Thursday, May 31, 2012

California Trip Part 1

We had a large agenda on this trip. We mostly wanted to get a feel for what the kids are going to be like on road trips and see what is close to us for trips over the next few years while we live in southern Oregon.

First stop was Redding. The original plans were to swim at the water park all day, but the weather pooped out on us so we ate at In-N-Out Burger and visited the Sundial Bridge/Turtle Bay and then moved on to the next stop.

Seriously he is so handsome. This picture doesn't show much of the trip, but it is one of my favorite pictures of him. 
Better shot of the bridge, its a pretty bridge. It crosses the Sacramento River.

Good Shot of the bridge and my dudes :) Ethan is using a stick for a shooter. Yes we brought that stick from home and yes he poked us a lot from the back seat with it. Yes I almost through it out of the car window, but didn't. Yes he is in the boy stage where everything can be a shooter. You ask him what happens when when you shoot someone and they fall down & die? His response is, they get back up! It's just a phase in life.
So cute! My little Liam is growing up!
Liam's favorite thing about this bridge is that you can gather rocks on the side and through them off. That is seriously all he cares about. At the campsite Liam had this conversation with Daddy
"Daddy go hunting" (meaning we go)
Daddy "hunting for what?"
Liam " Rocks and a river."
One day we will take him to a lake or a river and stay there all day till he is ready to go home. We'll get up early and stay all day and see what happens. So far the record was 3 hours,  he still wasn't ready to go home then. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cute pictures from March :)

Just had some fun taking pictures and practicing editing.