Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Redwoods

I'll try to get as much in tonight as I can because I'm to taking somewhat unexpected trip to Portland and will be gone for two weeks. Yikes!
 These next few pictures are on a little walk we took the next morning. The tree above here we called the peter pan cave. Remember that movie how they lived in a dark hole like this? Maybe it was a redwood, just a thought. This tree obviously suffered damage from a forest fire at some time and also survived. Fascinating how strong these trees are that even a forest fire (and you can see how high it burned) didn't even kill these giants.
 "Just" another really big tree. You'll notice the terrain here has little brush. I assume it was because of the fire that came through here however many years ago. You can again see the fire evidence. The only plants that really grows here are ferns, lots of poison oak, and very large clovers and occasionally there will be a maple tree. Where as when we traveled north to the National redwood forest, there is all kinds of foliage and it's really tall. Here I really like how much more defined the trees are, probably because of the fire.
 Not a great picture, but fun anyhow.
 Ethan loves to climb. He searched high and low for something without poison oak on it that he could climb. and he found some roots.
 The Root system of the redwood, really isn't as big as you'd expect but still pretty impressive
 Just a really cool tree with extra thick bark and fire damage again. And you get to see my backside. Lucky you.
 The "Giant Tree" in the Avenue of the Giants. It is over 53 feed in circumference. WOW!! Its makes me look skinny.

This is the drive along the Avenue of the Giants. Really beautiful and astounding. (much prettier than what we saw in the National Redwoods which surprised me.) Doesn't this just make you want to come and visit me?

Monday, June 4, 2012


Here is our campsite and a few other goodies. 
This was the fulfilling moment for me. As a child we got the National Geographic magazine. One year there was a special on the Redwoods. This tree was in it, and other amazing photos. I have wanted to do it ever since, and now I can say I've done it.

And this was our glorious camp site. That road right behind there is the Avenue of the giants! When we first arrived some other people biking had taken our spot. John had (very nicely) asked them to move. It was a good thing, I would have been mean to them because later we ended up eating smores with them and they took the pictures for us on around the campsite. They were biking from Portalnd to San Francisco Via Hwy 101 and 1. Crazy and cool. I may have to try that some day.

This may look upside down but it isn't. They cuddled for their nap. How cute is that! They are such good boys!!

 This Tree Stump pictured above and below was part of our camp site. On the left you see the big dark spot. There was a forest fire that came through here an number of years ago. There is a whole left from it. John started telling ethan about a scary monster that lived there. I made him stop abruptly so I could sleep peacefully without crying children. :)
I just really like this picture. I have two really cute boys even with chocolate road trip snack smeared all over.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pink Foot

Ethan wanted to tell us a scary story. This is how it went.

There was a scary monster named Pink Foot and he would come out on a full moon and steal your marshmallow (one version was smores) and sing you a song.

So sweet and innocent right? :) More on the redwoods tomorrow

Friday, June 1, 2012


After Redding we checked into the Hotel and swam there, and then we visited the Fort Brag area, Glass beach and the light house just south of Casper Beach. Then we headed to the more exciting part of the trip.. the Redwoods :)

Point Cabrillo is a very small lighthouse and very charming. You can rent the vacation houses on this property (not pictured) and they look so cute and charming. I may have to look into that.

Just another view of the lighthouse. I love the red roof on this. 
And of course the boys here.

And me and Liam, Ethan decided not to cooperate at this exact moment.
Just thought this was pretty funny at the time and took a picture of it. 
And this is what the boys do all day, follow their Daddy around. It's cute.

What a cute family! This was glass beach. Not as cool as it sounds. It used to pretty cool back in the day I guess, but not now. Probably won't come back here. 

And this is what the boys do when they find water and rocks. They could do this all day literally. 

Liam is in heaven here.